Energy efficiency and boilers

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January 3, 2020
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February 4, 2020
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Energy efficiency and boilers

Energy Efficient Boiler - Boiler Repair Queens

Ensuring Your Boiler Is Energy Efficient

Modern boilers are considered extremely energy efficient as long as they are well-maintained and repaired when they start to malfunction or cost more to operate in the form of higher heating bills in the winter. According to the Department of Energy, boiler energy efficiency is measured in AFUE, which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is expressed as a percentage and tells you how much of the fuel is turned into heat.

Understanding AFUE

Your boiler’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE is expressed as a percentage. For example, if your boiler is said to be 80 percent efficient, it means that 80 percent of the fuel used is converted directly to heat, while the remaining 20 percent of the fuel is lost through the chimney or flue or via other processes, like the water circulation pump and powering your thermostat.
  • Electric Boiler Efficiency Ratings– Electric boilers can achieve 95 to 100 percent efficiency ratings because there is no loss of heat or fuel through the flue. However, electricity is often more costly than gas or oil, but this may be mitigated due to the lower maintenance costs of electric boilers.
  • Oil and Gas Boiler Efficiency Ratings– Oil and gas boilers are not as energy efficient as electric boilers. This is because some of the fuel burned escapes through the chimney or flue due to combustion as well as impurities in the fuel source. The maximum AFUE for a gas or oil boiler is 90 percent. However, you may still save money over electric heat due to the lower cost of the fuel as compared to the cost of electricity.

Factors that Decrease Your Boiler’s Energy Efficiency

When it comes to maintaining and even increasing your boiler’s energy efficiency, there are a few things you should watch for so that you know when to call for a heating repair Queens or a thermostat repair replacement installation.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • An improperly insulated boiler or a boiler that had been installed in a drafty location
  • An inefficient water pump or malfunctioning water pump
  • High temperatures in the flue
  • Improper airflow in the combustion chamber, resulting in a decrease in available heat
  • Incorrect voltage being supplied to your boiler or bad wiring
  • Inefficient fuel burning due to a problem with the burners, pilot lights or heat exchanger
  • Incorrect installation or sizing of your boiler
  • Leaking Boiler Pipes or a leaking boiler

Signs Your Boiler has Become Inefficient and You Need Heating Repair Queens

While it’s not always obvious that your boiler’s energy efficiency has decreased, there are a few signs you can look for in order to determine if you are paying too much for your heating bills and need a boiler repair Queens.
  • You have a sudden increase in your heating bills and the weather outside has not significantly changed.
  • Your home has uneven heating between rooms.
  • The entirety of your home is not reaching your desired thermostat setting.
  • Your radiators aren’t as hot as they’ve been in previous years.
  • Your water bills have inexplicably increased, indicating a potential pipe leak in your boiler’s piping system.

Ensuring Your Boiler is Energy Efficient with Timely Boiler Repair Queens

Did you know that boilers that are regularly inspected and maintained are up to 20 percent more efficient than boilers that never receive a repair or inspection? This is because, like other types of heating equipment, boilers can lose efficiency with age. They can develop corrosion and lime and scale sediment that can affect the performance of the heating elements or burners. The pilot light can become fouled, reducing the flame’s ability to burn and stay lit, and the pipes that connect your boiler to the radiators can develop leaks, resulting in a loss of water from the system. You can even start to lose too much heat through the flue on gas and heating oil-burning boilers.
The good news is that a qualified technician for boiler repair Queens can examine your boiler to determine if it is working according to the manufacturer’s recommended parameters or if there are components that need to be replaced, like the thermostat, water pump and safety valves in order to improve the efficiency and help lower your winter heating bills.
If you are experiencing high heating bills, strange noises or smells or a complete loss of heat from your residential boiler, Ameer can quickly and affordably perform your next heating repair Queens. He can troubleshoot and diagnose problems, including problems with the wiring of your boiler and thermostat. He even arrives with all the most common boiler repair parts and extra programmable and SMART thermostats so that your repair is performed in a timely manner.
To have your boiler inspected and repaired so that you can continue to enjoy low heating bills in the winter as well as reliable heat to keep your family warm, call Ameer today at 646-721-0096. He is your boiler repair and thermostat repair replacement installation expert in Queens and NYC.

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